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Do Something About The Haze

Why are you putting up with the hazy days when there is a simple and natural solution?

Hazy skyline and choking smoky smell that permeates in the air seem to be a yearly occurrence that Singaporeans are grudgingly forced to accept.

For most of us, haze can potentially lead to teary eyes, headaches, coughs, asthma attacks, dry throats and other respiratory ailments.

What is the effect of the haze on your health?

Haze particles can affect the heart and lungs, especially in people who already have chronic heart or lung disease e.g. asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or heart failure.

There may be up to 1-3 days of time between exposure to haze and health effects/ symptoms.

Among healthy individuals, short term exposure (i.e. continuous exposure to unhealthy daily average PSI levels over a period of a few days) to high levels of haze particles may cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat in healthy individuals.

Source: MOH Singapore

An effective solution to beat the haze

As we are once again engulfed by the haze, don’t you wish that you and your family are living in an environment surrounded by trees and fresh air? Look no further, you can easily transform your home into a clean air haven with the MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizers.

Powered by the Cerafusion Technology, MedKlinn Air+Surface Sterilizers create Active Oxygen in your living spaces to safely and effectively sterilize your air and surfaces without the use of chemicals, just like nature. Toxic gaseous pollutants and bad smells found in the haze are neutralized. 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi are eliminated.

Create the experience of nature in your own living spaces now with Medklinn.

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